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What happens in a homeopathic consultation?

As Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine, I need to know many aspects of you and your life in order to prescribe.
First you start by giving a very detailed description of what the problem is.
This could be anything from insomnia to anxiety to stomach pain.
I will also want to know if anything could have triggered your complaint started such as a loss, a shock, or an accident.
It is very helpful for you to look back to the origin of the complaint and consider what else was happening.
Much of homeopathy is making connections.

I will ask you about your family history, your personal medical history, any medication, allergies, traumas and surgeries.
If you are on medication, please give me the correct spelling and dosage amount.
I will also need information on you as a person, with your likes and dislikes, sensation and location of pain having importance.
Sleep patterns, environmental preferences, extra activities, emotional expression and a multitude of other topics
may be covered given time and relevance.
I then cross reference your symptoms in order to find the remedy that best matches how you are feeling and how your body is acting.
Once I determine the prescription, I give complete instructions on how to take the remedies in addition to any nutritional or lifestyle advice.
The remedies are sent from the homeopathic pharmacy and invoiced to you directly.


please phone 0845 230 0474 or email  [email protected]