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details have been omitted to protect patient confidentiality.

  • “For the last 20 years I’d been meaning to consult a homeopath and finally did it.  Adrianna Holman is a compassionate and sensitive practitioner who consults with great doses of wisdom and humour.  Diagnosis is a fascinating process and I have experienced the effectiveness of remedies in spite of my initial scepticism!”
  • “Dear Adrianna,  I have been taking the remedies for six weeks now and have noticed a definite improvement. The rate of hair growth on my face has slowed down dramatically and there appear to be “bald” spots here and there. My skin doesn’t feel as dry as it did either. I am truly thrilled with this. You did say contact you after one month and I must confess I totally forgot and hope that six weeks is okay.
  • “Homeopathy has given me another option to conventional medicine and has allowed me to reduce my medication in comparison with a year ago. It doesn’t resolve all symptoms but when they start I can generally improve the symptoms with the homeopathic remedies so use less of the conventional drugs. Also, I haven’t needed to take antibiotics for sinus and chest infections recently which is an improvement over the previous year.”
  • “Over a period of 25 years, severe and frequent migraines led to a dependancy on painkillers.  For 20 years I took painkillers on a daily basis for chronic headaches. However, with Adrianna’s help, I finally broke the cycle of pain and I am virtually headache free now.”
  • “During 2003 I suffered from two major attacks of a virulent rash which covered great parts of my body, arms, legs and, worst of all, around my eyes, where the skin alternately burned or irritated..  The first attack at the beginning of the year lasted three months and the second in the summer another two months. Since taking the homeopathic remedies prescribed by Adrianna Holman my skin has been totally clear – this despite the fact that I have had to cope with quite a deal of stress during this time and stress had been diagnosed as the major cause of my skin problems. I am very grateful to Adrianna and her knowledge and experience of Homeopathy.”
  • “Hello Adrianna.  Some months ago I asked you for some advice regarding a persistent problem that I had been experiencing with heartburn (for 18 years).  I thought that I’d drop you a quick line to let you know how I have been getting on.  I bought the remedies and started to use them as directed straight away.  A couple of days after starting to take the remedies my heartburn became more pronounced, as you suggested it might.  This lasted for a week or so.  It then settled down and seemed to become less acidic. I took the remedy as directed until the bottle was finished.  Over the course of the treatment I noticed that the acid pain that I was feeling began to move southwards.  At the start of the treatment I was feeling the pain around my solar plexus area.  After the treatment it had moved from there to my lower stomach, and had become more of a dull sensation than a sharp pain. Alongside this treatment I had adjusted my eating behaviour.  I ate more regularly, 3 smaller meals a day.  Most importantly though I began to thoroughly chew my food, which isn’t something that I have ever done before. The results of taking these steps are:

1.         My heartburn is now non-existent.  If I ever do feel uncomfortable it is usually because I have eaten too quickly.
2.         I have lost over a stone in weight.
3.         My digestive system seems to be a lot more active, with food getting processed a lot quicker that ever before.

So there you are.  I guess that I’m happy with this particular homeopathic treatment.  It was certainly miles ahead of my GPs solution, and I’m very thankful for no longer being tied to prescription antacids.  Whether it’s the remedies or the lifestyle change that made the difference I don’t know.  But I guess that the fact that they were offered as a holistic treatment means that they’re both a part of the overall therapy.  So, thanks again for your help.  If I get any further problems I won’t hesitate to contact you.”