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£30 for individual prescription to help you stay stopped

Stopping smoking is probably the best thing you can do for your health.  But you know this already.  Each person continues to smoke for different reasons despite knowing all the awful things cigarettes do to the body.  So rather than use scare tactics we will get to the issues behind why you smoke.

Say you smoke because you are stressed. You take a break to have a smoke.  Then you inhale deeply for about five minutes to get the drug in your body.   What would happen if you still took that break and did deep breathing for five minutes?  Chances are you would feel more relaxed and the bonus would be increased energy due to more oxygen in your blood rather than the 4000+ chemicals in cigarettes.  You don’t have to feel guilty for taking a breather.

What if you smoke to avoid gaining weight?  We would discuss regular exercise and a good diet, which again is going to improve your health tremendously while you get off the smokes.  You really don’t have to turn to food when you quit.  There is no reason to substitute.

Smoking suppresses feelings.  If you are angry, you light up and puff furiously.  If you are sad, you light up and comfort yourself.  Hungry?  Smoke.  Anxious?  Smoke.  Tired?  Depressed?  Celebrating?  The list of reasons goes on and on and behind it all is emotion.  Sure the drug is highly addictive, but once you quit the nicotine is out of your body in three days.  Three days.  So what’s left behind is the psychological and emotional stuff that suddenly comes to the surface.  If you aren’t handling the emotion well, chances are you will start smoking again as soon as the first or second stressor hits you.

Homeopathic remedies help you cope with these feelings.  Whether it is irritability, fear or loss you feel when quitting the remedies will help you find balance, cementing your decision to take control of your health.  Each person is different and will need an individual prescription to give the best chance of staying quit.

The format is the same as the online consultations.  Once I receive your initial request and confirmation of payment I will email you a list of questions regarding your smoking habits.  I will email you with your prescription which you can then purchase at a health food store or online through one of the pharmacies I list in the FAQ section.

Do yourself a huge favour.  I promise you will feel amazing and be proud of your decision.

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