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Homeopathy and nutrition are very powerful tools.
When combined they are phenomenal.

Seeing as how my mom is an amazing cook, my brother a professional chef,
I have a degree in hotel and restaurant management and am studying a nutrition course,
it kind of follows that I love the healing properties of food and basic nutrition.

I firmly believe that the food we eat directly affects our long term health and well being.

Here are two quotes from Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine.

“Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal the patient with food.”
“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.”

Says it all!

Cleansing the body

Using nutrition, homeopathics and other strategies we can boost the various systems of the body, especially digestion and immunity.
You will feel lighter, brighter and younger
in spirit when you take better care of yourself.
Your friends will want to know your secret!

Reducing medication

Whether you are on over the counter medication or prescription drugs, I can help you get off of them or at least go down to a minimal dose thus reducing side effects.  Bear in mind you can ONLY reduce your medication with your doctor’s permission and approval.  You must consult your prescribing doctor prior to starting a program with me.  I will not advise you on how to taper your medication.  You will be supported through the withdrawal, and gently cleanse your system while we get to the root of the problem.  The results are wonderful and you will be free and healthier than ever before.

Skin complaints

Having suffered eczema since childhood I appreciate the despair skin complaints can bring.  Physically you are in pain, looking a mess, and often an emotional wreck because of it.  These can take time to address, as the body needs to heal on the inside as well.  Stress is often a trigger, as are certain allergies or sensitivities.  I can say that I have very infrequent flare ups now, and I know how to calm them down quickly.  Treating skin complaints usually requires an overhaul of the diet as well as addressing stress or emotional troubles.  It can be done, and all without steroids.

Weight loss

I am continually asked for my opinion on the
various diet books on the market.
I have read most of the popular books and followed the programs to
discover how they make me feel so I can pass that information on to you.

Atkins, GI, Zone, Southbeach, Vegan, Detox, Fasting, Liver cleanse, False fat, Candida, Body type, Raw food, juicing, Abs diet, Body Code…
You name it, I bet I’ve experimented with it.

Together we can design a realistic plan that allows you to enjoy your food!
There really is no need for sacrifice.  We can figure out how you can have your cake AND eat it.  Just bear in mind the ingredients might be slightly different than what you’re used to!

Eating disorders

Although it seems on the outset that eating disorders are only about food, they actually reflect an emotional conflict with nourishment and control.
While you learn what makes a healthy diet,
you also address the reason behind the problem.
We go slowly so that the changes become second nature.
We want to create healthy habits, without guilt or antagonism.
You will find great freedom and joy when you discover the pleasure of food.