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hangovers and general toxicity due to high living = NUX VOMICA

Most of us know how it feels… last night was great, you were dancing, smoking, drinking, laughing… You stumble to bed, forgetting the good advice of drinking a lot of water and taking a vitamin.  You wake up at 4am, dying of thirst and there is a furball where your tongue used to be.  As you struggle to your feet the whole world spins violently and you wonder if you will make it to the toilet in time to retch your guts out.  What a picture.  Most of us have done this at one time or another and the best remedy to detox your system is Nux vomica.

Irritable, impatient, ambitious, easily offended, competitive and argumentative; people needing Nux vomica are your classic ‘type A personalities’.  Think of the stereotypical businessman- he works all day buy!sell!buybuysellsellsell!!! he doesn’t have time to eat so he drinks coffee to keep going.  Coffee, tea, diet coke, or cocaine, take your pick, it’s the stimulant that keeps him on the ball.  So at the end of the day, he is wired, stressed and hungry.

He goes to the bar for a quick drink to wind down from his hectic day, runs into some other totally stressed out friends, and they buy yet another round and hey- they deserve it, they work hard right?  Around 10pm, half pissed by now, they realise they haven’t eaten all day.  So they go to a curry house or a pizza joint and stuff themselves to make  up for the lack of food during the day.

The next morning our man feels dizzy and nauseous.  He is completely hypersensitive to noise, light, smells and the thought of having to go to work makes him want to smash the coffee pot out of frustration. The headache is worse for everything and our businessman is considering calling in sick he feels so rotten.   Instead, he tosses back a double espresso and gets right back into the circle.  He takes a couple of aspirin, bites the head off everyone he works with and orders a double bacon cheeseburger for breakfast, complete with necessary additional coffee.  If he’s really stuck in this cycle he will have a ‘hair of the dog’ at lunch in order to take the edge off.

There can be stomach pains and possibly ulcers.  The habitual late night junkfest combined with the dehydrating effects of the coffee and alcohol leaves the person chronically constipated or else gives the runs.  A curious side to Nux vomica is the insomnia after 3 or 4am.  Our businessman wakes at 4am and cannot fall asleep again because he’s thinking of all the work he has to do the next day.  However, since he had no sleep, he is exhausted the next day so he has another cup of coffee…

You can see where this is going.  These people can easily end up burning out early or getting stomach ulcers and later health repercussions from stress and unhealthy lifestyles.  Everyone enjoys a bender every once in a while but if this is typical for you, pay attention!

 If you’ve overdone it the night before, get some Nux vomica and if you can remember (if you aren’t too smashed), take it before you go to bed as it helps your body detox while you’re passed out.  If you forget, take it in the morning, skip the coffee and drink water instead, and keep taking the Nux vomica through the day until you feel better.  Then, go home, have some soup and a salad (easy on the liver) and go to bed early!!!