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sudden loss needs IGNATIA

If you find yourself unable to assimilate  shock and grief you may need some Ignatia.  When you experience a loss of any type, be it a person, job or life situation, and are having a hard time coping, think of this remedy.

Imagine how it feels when you hear bad news.  There is an immediate lump in your throat as the tears try to break through.  You might chew on the inside of your cheek to stop the tears and it feels as though your heart as dropped to your stomach, leaving it empty inside.  If you allow the grief to flow naturally, chances are you will work through the hardship without adverse affects.  If you have difficulty crying for whatever reason, the emotion isn’t going to just go away.  It can be stored elsewhere in the body causing headaches, back spasm, nervous  twitches and your periods may stop.

The main symptoms treated by this remedy are deep sighing and often uncontrollable sobbing.  This can quickly change to hysterical laughter and then back again to crying.  In particular, most people needing Ignatia will be intolerant to tobacco smoke and may be more sensitive to the effects of coffee.

This is a remedy of great contradiction in that during your sorrow, consolation aggravates you. You prefer to be left alone if at all possible.  There can be a sensation of a lump in the throat which is better for swallowing.  The nervous system can be affected causing trembling and spasms, particularly if you have a history of back troubles.  You are literally ‘laid-out’ or paralysed by grief.

There may be a hypersensitivity to pain, meaning normally small aches suddenly become huge.  Headaches from grief are common if the grief is held internally with no release.  These can feel as though a nail is being driven through the side of your head.

Ignatia can help you cope. Take as needed until improvement.  Once you feel better, do not continue as your body is on the way to healing.  If the symptoms return, repeat until relieved.  Remember to be kind to yourself.  Grief is a process and you need to give yourself time to be with your feelings.