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crush injuries, nerve damage = HYPERICUM

Where I used to work we had these fantastic ergonomically designed chairs that have a little bit of spring to them.  I had the chair pulled right under the desk and with one hand on the armrest, jumped out of the chair to grab a book off the shelf.  The chair slammed into the underside of the desk, taking my fingers with it.  I had a patient in the room with me at the time so I smiled weakly at him and took some Hypericum out of my remedy kit with a shaking hand.

Hypericum is excellent for crushes to nerve rich areas such as fingertips, toes and the coccyx bone which is the tailbone.  So if you drop a weight on your toe, slip on the ice and land on your tailbone or inadvertently crush your finger in the car door, get some Hypericum immediately.  The pain will subside, leaving you typically with a dashing black nail.  You can try some Arnica after to sort that out….

Take in a 30c one pill every half hour for up to six doses.  Then take up to six doses every 24 hours if you still need something for the pain.  If everything feels okay, stop taking the remedy.