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How do I take the remedies?

The most important thing to remember IN AN ACUTE SITUATION is once your symptoms start to improve, reduce your dose or if you feel absolutely fine, stop the remedy.  Your body has taken over the healing process.  If the same symptoms return, use the remedy again until you feel better.  If you don’t find relief this time you may need a higher potency or a new remedy.  Chronic conditions may require you take the remedy even though you are feeling better.

If possible, have nothing to eat, drink or smoke fifteen minutes either side of taking the remedy.  This includes toothpaste.  Tip one pill into the bottle cap and then pop it under your tongue.  Do not swallow. Let it melt.

Homeopathic remedies do not work faster or stronger if you take more than one pill at a time.  It is the frequency that makes the difference and not the quantity.  The rough guide is to take up to six doses in one day.  You should notice a difference within three days for an acute situation.   If you don’t you either have the wrong remedy or you need to seek professional help as your situation has gone beyond first aid.

Remedies are usually carried on a sugar based pill or tablet so children are particularly keen to take their medicine!  For babies and infants, order your remedies in ‘soft tablets’ which melt instantly.  Otherwise crush a pill between two spoons and use as a powder.

Remedies should be stored in a cool, dark place away from strong smells such as camphor and menthol.  This is energetic medicine and could be affected by close proximity to electronic equipment such as computers and mobile phones.

If you have a tendency to forget to take your remedies, especially ‘support’ remedies which are taken more frequently, put a few pills in a bottle of water and sip through the day.  This is not the standard way to administer remedies but it also works.