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Based on my own experience of searching for a natural solution, this booklet gives you practical advice on homeopathic remedies, herbs, creams, dietary advice, plus what to avoid in your skincare and household items.  I have spent twenty years trying this or that, jumping from treatment to diet to miracle cream.  It was only after I stepped back and used a combination that it all came together.  The booklet guides you to simple homeopathic remedies that best match your eczema, plus different herbal remedies you can use in a safe and gentle cream to soothe your skin while you heal.  There is an easy explanation of how to investigate potential food sensitivities as well as some shocking information about generic skin care available in pharmacies and stores.

At the end of the booklet I have included three of my eczema patient’s cases so you can see what is involved in a homeopathic consultation and how emotions or family susceptibilites can dramatically affect the condition of your skin.  Quite often the stress in your mind sets off the itch in your skin.

This booklet gives you hope!  You can do it because I did.  I was told I was incurable by leading dermatologists.  I used to be literally covered in raw oozing skin and the only sign I have of eczema now is a tiny patch between my fingers if I’m under a lot of pressure.  I consider that cured.


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