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wounds need CALENDULA

Any wounds or burns will benefit from Calendula.  This is assuming a couple of points.  First of all, any huge bleeding needs to be attended to by a doctor.  The same goes for severe burns.  In suggesting Calendula I am thinking of the small cuts and grazes we suffer.  Secondly, you must wash the cut with warm water and soap before applying anything. Be careful with burns- if the skin is intact, rinse in tepid water and try not to break the blister or red area.

With the Calendula, you can get the tincture, which is a liquid, or the cream or ointment.  With the tincture, bear in mind it is preserved in alcohol and not something you want to apply directly to a cut as it will sting like crazy.  Add ten drops to a teacup of water and gently dap the wound with cotton soaked in the solution.

After drying you can apply either the cream, ointment or lotion.  Whether or not you cover the wound is up to you.  Personally I will cover it initially, mostly to keep myself from poking and prodding.  Air drying a wound is good too and I try to do that at night.  Use your judgement.

Calendula does help speed up the healing so please make sure you keep the wound clean.  Otherwise you could end up with an infection which would complicate things.