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Shock, bruising, injury to soft tissue, head injuries = ARNICA

Arnica is one of homeopathy’s treasures.  It is probably the most well known remedy and is usually the first introduction to the effectiveness of homeopathy.  Arnica is used primarily after an injury which would result in bruising.  It also addresses the mental shock or stress following a traumatic experience.

I was riding a moped and ‘took a flop’ as we say at home.  My sister-in-law was right behind me and there was a car coming the other way.  I immediately jumped up and pretended nothing had happened.  When the two other people tried to touch me I literally put my hands up and said, “nope, I’m fine, it’s okay, don’t touch me, I’m fine.”  I could see the blood flowing down my leg, I could hear my ears ringing, and judging by the dents in the bike, everything was not okay!  However, I insisted and limped home.  I didn’t want a ride, I didn’t want any help and I sure didn’t want anyone to touch me.  This is the mental side to Arnica.

Physically I had lots of bruising.  The kickstand on the bike had left a dent in my thigh and was turning a lovely shade of purple.  As soon as I was home I started taking Arnica immediately, every ten minutes.  The shock of the accident left me and I allowed my mother a closer look.  It was ugly.  Everything  in my body was sore and I was turning different colours.  l could not find a single comfortable postition as my normally cozy bed felt like a marble slab.  It took a couple of days for the soreness and bruising to leave but mentally I was cheerful although a little embarrassed to be falling off mopeds at my age.

Arnica is wonderful for these acute situations, especially when there has been a blow to the head.  The person may have suffered a concussion and will answer questions correctly while fading in and out of consciousness.  In these cases, please go to the hospital to get checked out!  Give Arnica too but don’t ignore a serious head injury.

Think of Arnica for childbirth as it helps with the soreness of having all your bits stretched and torn.  Bellis Perennis, made from daisies, is particularly good for labour as it targets deeper tissue injuries to the trunk of the body.  Bellis Perennis is like a first cousin to Arnica.  Bellis Perennis is also excellent if there has been a blow to the breast.  Use it in alternation with Arnica to cover your bases.

Arnica is also a miracle worker for tooth extractions and cosmetic surgery.  Avoid the ‘chipmunk cheeks’ of wisdom tooth extraction by taking Arnica before and after the procedure.  If going under the knife for any reason, take Arnica as it helps the soft tissue to prepare and to recover from the trauma.  One woman I prescribed for was amazed, as was her doctor, when she had no swelling or bruising whatsoever following facial surgery.

 To prepare, take three doses of Arnica 30c for three days before procedure.  Then take it as needed until soreness, swelling and discolouration subsides.   If I was on a desert island and only allowed one remedy, it would have to be ARNICA.