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acute fear = ACONITE

Aconite is a wonderful remedy for panic and anxiety.  I have used it with great success on friends who are frightened of flying.  One still held her breath during landing, but she didn’t go into the sweaty panic she usually experiences.

There may be a prediction of death in that the person is seized with the feeling, ‘oh my god this is it, I’m going to die’.  The person may tell you the time and place it is going to happen.  It may sound silly at the time but this acute terror is very real for the person.

The face might be flushed, red and hot, with an anxious expression.  Often on standing from a seated position, the red face will become pale and the person will feel dizzy.  They may feel their blood pounding as they have palpitations.  If there is pain in the chest with tingling or pain down the left shoulder and arm, CALL EMERGENCY!!!   The person may be having a heart attack and needs immediate medical attention.  You can give Aconite on the way to the hospital so long as the person is conscious.

Aconite is also fantastic for women in labour who are terrified and absolutely certain they are about to die.  You can also give it if there is retention of urine in either mothers or babies right after delivery.

Sudden fevers or illnesses that come on after exposure to cold, dry wind may be relieved by this remedy.  The person will feel restless and be unable to stay still.  The pain may be so intense they cry out.  The thirst during fever will be burning and unquenchable.  Often there is an aggravation of symptoms at night, and after midnight.  There can also be a shortness of breath and a dry, hoarse cough.

If someone you know has a ‘flu with the above symptoms, restlessness, intense thirst, profuse sweat, chills and vomiting, all wrapped up with the conviction that death is near, give Aconite 30c, once every fifteen minutes until relief.  Then stop the remedy and see how the patient fares.  If the symptoms improve and then return, give one more dose and wait a little while.   Repeat if necessary.  Give them plenty of fluids and TLC.