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details have been omitted to protect patient confidentiality.

1.         My heartburn is now non-existent.  If I ever do feel uncomfortable it is usually because I have eaten too quickly.
2.         I have lost over a stone in weight.
3.         My digestive system seems to be a lot more active, with food getting processed a lot quicker that ever before.

So there you are.  I guess that I’m happy with this particular homeopathic treatment.  It was certainly miles ahead of my GPs solution, and I’m very thankful for no longer being tied to prescription antacids.  Whether it’s the remedies or the lifestyle change that made the difference I don’t know.  But I guess that the fact that they were offered as a holistic treatment means that they’re both a part of the overall therapy.  So, thanks again for your help.  If I get any further problems I won’t hesitate to contact you.”

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